WARNING There is a limited amount of the product, due to the high demand for SperMAX Control!

Make love as long as you want!
You decide when to finish!

  • up to 30 minutes longer sex, which will satisfy your partner
  • bigger load means longer orgasm for you
  • stronger erection
  • greater libido
Try SperMAX Control!

Your sex can be better!
You just need a little help!

Do you feel that your sex could be better? There is something missing? Maybe you end to fast and your woman is dissatisfied? Do you want to reach orgasms and make your woman come hard multiple times? Or maybe you just want your partner to be always fully satisfied after having sex with you?

If you have answered “yes” to at least one of the questions, then SperMAX Control is right for you!

A true man overcomes difficulties and does not run away from problems!
Now the solution is within your reach.
Will you take it?

SperMAX Control is a product which contains a number of ingredients that improve your sex life. Enjoy longer sex and bigger loads. We’ve combined substances, which are known for centuries in many continents, that improve your sex:

  • up to 30 minutes longer sex
  • a greater amount of sperm, which prolongs and boosts your orgasms
  • improves erection
  • increases desire
  • stronger orgasms

Discover a new dimension of sex!

„Not today honey, I have a headache...”
Is this familiar to you?

You know how this works, right? If you are bad in bed, your partner does not want to have sex with you. It is simple as that. Would you want to do something which does not give you satisfaction? Probably not. However, once you show her how the real sex looks like, there will be no more excuses. Your woman will desire you uncontrollably!

What to do? A good sex means long sex. Remember that women need a little more time to warm up, but they also enjoy longer pleasure from sex. So when you finish before she screams from pleasure, then there is no way that sex will end with a great success.

Do not let your woman feel disappointed!

Sperm volume depends on many factors, e.g. the time when you had last sex. Your diet also matters!

SperMAX Control contains ingredients, which increase sperm production. Why is it worth to have bigger loads? It is simple. As a man, a longer and bigger ejaculations mean longer orgasms and greater satisfaction. This is also very hot for women and strengthens their sensations.

Forget about intercourses that hardly last 2 minutes. Now you will be able to satisfy the most demanding women!

Nature has a solution to every problem
– even 18 active ingredients!

Men are trying different methods to improve their sex life. Some even undergo risky surgeries, which do not give satisfying results. Nowadays, you can improve your sex life in an easy and safe way – by depending on the ingredients which are known for centuries and were used in traditional medicine.

In order to ensure you a complex treatment, our product contains 18 active ingredients!

SperMAX Control contains:


plays an essential role in nitric oxide synthesis. This compound improves blood circulation, which transports more blood to the penis. This guarantees strong and permanent erections. L-arginine increases sperm volume.

Brazilian ginseng

this plant originates from rainforests of South America and affects blood testosterone levels. Increases sex desire and affects sexual functions.


influences sexual hormone levels: increases amount of testosterone. In traditional medicine, oats were known as a tranquilliser.

Asian ginseng

for centuries it was known for its properties. It is responsible for libido increase, strengthens erection and prolongs it. Enhances sensations and sexual satisfaction. Similarly to l-arginine, improves nitric oxide synthesis which causes blood vessels dilation where more blood can flow.


contains caffeine, which inhibits the feeling of fatigue. Gives you energy which you can use in bed.


it has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac.


affects potency and increases libido.


also known as withania somnifera. Affects vitality.

Maca root

improves libido and strengthens an erection. This herb stimulates greater sperm production. It is a strong aphrodisiac, which increases nitric oxide synthesis. What is more, in general, strengthens a body.

No chemical substances!

The active ingredients of the product are mainly herb extracts, therefore you can be absolutely certain that you do not poison your body. We believe that there are too many chemicals in our everyday life, therefore we have created something purely natural. We are absolutely certain that our product causes no unwanted results.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about any side effects and simply enjoy the results!

Full discretion!

We realise that no one wants to share that they use SperMAX Control. Our top priority is your privacy! That is why we are selling our product online – so you do not have to go anywhere, ask anyone, or explain anything. If you want to help yourself, you simply buy it. The ordered goods are delivered directly to you in an ordinary box.

Easy to order

Ordinary package, delivered directly to you

Enjoy your sex even more!

„We are married for 10 years. Recently, we have been looking for something new to reignite our sex life, however, we were not looking for toys. We thought that bigger loads and longer sex will do the trick – well, it really helped! With SperMAX Control we feel young again and make love like we did after getting married.”


„If you fail in bed, you feel bad and humiliated. You want to hide and never come back. Even thought your girl says that it’s OK, you know that it is not true and she is not happy about it. I really didn’t care about premature ejaculations, but when they started to happen more often I had to do something about it. Obviously I did not want to go to a doctor...cuz it is a shame for a guy to have such problems. While browsing through the Internet I came across SperMAX Control capsules. I thought that I will give it a try. So I have ordered one bottle, because of pure curiosity. After the first few days, I saw no difference, but after a while, I have noticed more sperm and my orgasms felt longer. That was great, but I just wanted to last longer in bed. Fortunately, this effect came a little bit later ;) Now I last longer than my wife! I am fully in control of my sex and I feel fantastic! My wife enjoys it too, now she wants to have sex more often and I give her what she wants.”


„I have look for something to boost my erection. When I had seen that SperMAX Control makes sex and ejaculations longer, I instantly decided to buy it. In the end, 3 effects are better than one, right? Well, it was definitely worth it, rock solid erections and longer sex. Sometimes, my wife had no strength to keep going :D Now I have the best sex in my whole life.”


Frequently asked questions:

SperMAX Control is a food supplement, which contains purely natural ingredients. This product enhances sex by, for example, prolonging it.
Take 2 capsules of SperMAX Control per day. Wash them down with a glass of water.
Only if you tell somebody about it. The ordered goods are delivered in an ordinary box that does not reveal what is inside. The parcel will be delivered directly to you.
We are processing the orders within 1-2 working days. The parcel will be delivered to you by a reputable courier company.
Yes, it is possible but only in selected countries. In order cases, you will have to pay in advance.
Yes, we deliver our products worldwide.

Make love as long as you want!
You decide when to finish!

  • up to 30 minutes longer sex, which will satisfy your partner
  • bigger load means longer orgasm for you
  • stronger erection
  • greater libido
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